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Dusk2Dawn Productions.

 Dusk2Dawn Productions is a Production company that covers various media forms that partnered with us from the very beginning. Based out of Orlando Florida we have consistently help bring awareness to abuse through various forms of media.  


Shawn Busby

Shawn “Ms. Shaye” Busby is an Overcomer, Texas native

and mother to 3 Young Kings.

“ I stand by Team Truth 1000%.

As a child I was forced to endure trauma at the hands of a

predator. An authority figure who i had been taught to trust,

honor and obey. Rather than protect me, the pain that he

inflicted became the very lens that formed the perspective

by which I processed my life’s choices through. Once I

realized that there was no deliverance in secrets, I began

to speak up and deal with the reality of what happened to

me. In facing the truth, I could no longer be held in his

bondage! I’ve snatched away his power over my life!I now

understand that isn’t who I am. That’s what was done to me

-A CHILD by a PREDATOR. But he didn’t win. Every breath is

an opportunity for a new beginning.